23 Aug
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4 Essential Military Gear For the Outdoors

Do you really think about using a tactical plate carrier when you are outdoors? For a lot of people they don’t really think too much about what they’re going to need when they’re going outdoors and starting a new adventure. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who are unprepared for the great outdoors and end up getting hurt unnecessarily. You’ll be eating and sleeping outside and that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You have a lot of dangers out there and more often than not you will be sleep deprived and have a knock or two! However, if you are planning for an outdoor adventure it is time you got to grips with some necessary outdoor gear you should think about taking. Read on to find out four essential military gear for the outdoors.

A Good Military-Style Backpack

There is a good reason why military backpacks are highly sought after and you need one when planning an outdoor adventure. You have to remember, military backpacks are incredibly strong, tough, and very versatile to say the least and when you own one you are sure to find plenty of space to fit all the essential outdoor equipment. With military backpacks you have dozens of compartments and storage space solutions which makes it ideal for most and it’s easier to carry. Most backpacks are also waterproof so again it’s ideal for outdoor’s adventures. Like a chest rig, a backpack will be a useful tool to have with you.

The LED Flashlight

Who goes anywhere without a handy flashlight? Outdoor’s adventures call for good lighting, especially when you are walking through a heavily forest area in darkness. When you need a bit of additional light, the LED flashlight can be the ideal tool to have. You can find this is a very necessary tool like your tactical plate carrier. This is going to be a useful addition to say the least and you can often find that the flashlight comes in handy at the best possible times. Even if you never have to use it, at least you know it’s there should something go wrong.

A Chest Rig

Chest rigs have become highly popular today too. They are not only lightweight but easy enough to attach to your body. The military-style chest rigs often are useful additions to your gear simply because you have an extra storage facility. For example you can put in a first aid kit (a mini one, of course) as well as snacks, a map and many other items you need to get access to quickly and effectively. What’s more, you can attach a walkie talkie to the chest rig too. That is why these rigs have become highly popular today; they are versatile and extremely useful to say the least.

A Hydration Pack

chest rigWhen you are going outdoors and there is no steady water supply available for several hours, you have to ensure you keep hydrated. What would happen if you were out hiking on a long trail and you ran out of bottled water? You might become dehydrated and that’s dangerous to say the least, especially if you’re alone and in the middle of nowhere; it could be days before you are found. However, having a hydration pack at hand can be ideal. You can get a variety of sizes over your hydration pack and can ensure it suits your needs. Hydration packs are so highly needed today. Like a tactical plate carrier, the hydration pack is a necessity.Checkout more news at https://washingtontechnology.com/articles/2017/08/21/c4-navy-tactical-contract.aspx

Get Kitted Out

There are far too many people today who go on an outdoor adventure and end up seriously hurt. Why? For most, it’s because they are ill prepared and don’t have the necessary equipment with them. This is not good and really it’s a dangerous situation you could find yourself in too. You always need to have the best equipment at hand and whether you are choosing a chest rig or something else, you need to stay safe.